Update Azure Stack Development Kit in Nested Hyper-V

Since the Azure Stack Development Kit Version 1804 (Release Build Number ) you get additional errors when you deploy Azure Stack in an Hyper-V VM. This short blogpost is about the additional modifications you have to make to the CloudBuilder.VHDX to get a successful deployment.

Follow exactly the description of the Blogpost „Installing Azure Stack Development Kit in a Hyper-V Nested VM„. In the Chapter „Modify the CloudBuilder.VHDX“ you have to change two lines in the ACSBlob.psm1 file (which is also included in the Microsoft.AzureStack.Solution.Deploy.CloudDeployment.x.x.x.nupkg):

The full path to the ACSBlob.psm1 file is:

  • X:/content/Roles/Roles/ACS/ACSBlob.psm1

In the file you search for the lines (arround 415):

  • $acsBlobLogPath = „D:\AzureStack\Logs\ACS\blob“
  • $acsBlobDumpPath = ‚D:\AzureStack\CrashDumps\blob‘

and modify them to:

  • $acsBlobLogPath = Join-Path -Path $env:ProgramData -ChildPath „Microsoft\AzureStack\Logs\ACS\blob“
  • $acsBlobDumpPath = Join-Path -Path $env:ProgramData -ChildPath „Microsoft\AzureStack\CrashDumps\blob“

A big thanks to Elmar Szych you shared this solution with me.

Carsten Rachfahl

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