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My name is Didier Van Hoye, better known as WorkingHardInIT on twitter. I’m IT pro that has been at “IT” for over 20 years. I’m convinced you cannot design what you cannot build and vice versa. So while I’m an “Architect” I’m still in the trenches with my boys and gals. Empty suits or hollow bunnies are neither wanted nor needed. In IT you live by the sword and you die by the sword. There is no hiding when you mess up, all our mistakes are in plain sight of everyone using what we build.

Perfmon /sys – a little gem in Perfmon

Introduction When you are testing designs, validating implementations or giving demos Performance Monitor is your friend. It pays to spend a little time to learn about it in order to use it better and be more productive.The tool is not perfect and it has its (annoying) idiosyncrasies like any other tool. It also has its […]